Apparently this is a Neurodiverse Devs Blog

When I created this blog I had intended to focus on software development, particularly the systems and compilers “short stack” stuff most interesting. Then I broke my rule about agility, and John Sonmez’s advice on blogging. I let myself stop writing because my content wasn’t “good enough” or some such nonsense.

The fact is I don’t have much interesting to say about “Short Stacks”. I’m still learning and beyond repeating content that I would serve you better by linking to I have nothing to add to that conversation now.

What I do have things to say about is how to be an superlatively effective developer around mental illness, disability, and the general insanity life throws at everyone.

  • How to make time to learn when your brain is fogged up and struggling.
  • How to know you probably ought to seek out a professional for help. Seriously not doing so is like when archetypal “aunt Myrtle” or “uncle Ted” trying to write their own drivers. It doesn’t end well.
  • How to work with us crazy folks. Tip 1: Don’t call us crazy unless and until we have established that’s how we cope.
  • How to communicate with a client or employer about how mental illness, or disability can impact a project.
  • Why it’s Neurodiversity and not mental illness.
  • That one really neat command line tool that saves me 20 minutes every day.
  • How disability and accessibility are awesome angles to think about UX from.
  • Why on earth are our tools so hard to use.
  • Links to the latest cool “short stack” and .net stuff I’m playing with.

So that’s whats coming up soon.

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